Reykjavik alternative city guide

Hello, hello, hello! I am Lorenzo, aka The Travel Sensei. Finally, this crazy pandemic is stabilizing in Europe and the whole new situation slowly allows travel back in our lives… Yuppie! This time I’ll write about al alternative Reykjavik city guide 🙂

Destination… Iceland!

One good thing from the environment is that air traffic drastically dropped. So, I had the chance to buy really cheap tickets to go to Iceland! Plus, this year was definitely super quiet with very few tourists! Which is the perfect situation for visiting a place surrounded by nature 🙂 However, now you can find some hints about the places that I loved in Reykjavik! Here we go 🙂

Cheap meals

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur: located in the city centre, it is easy to find by looking on google maps! This place makes the most traditional Icelandic hot dogs! It is always busy and all the locals go there for a quick snack.

Mandi: Here’s a Syrian restaurant with a lot of vegan options. It’s good for a quick bite and they are open until late at night! Their Felafel is otherworldly!

Coolest bars

Best happy hour: to find the best happy hour is an hard job! Everyone of us wants to save some money and when you can have a beer for only as much as 500kr (3 euros) it’s worth to have a look at the option around. Since those prices are never constant, I’ll recommend you a magazine quite easy to find around town, and also viewable online, that will always have updated prices. Here’s the link!

Prikið: I loved the location for the music 🎶 they had good electronic and hip hop Playlist. The vibe of the bar was super nice and it’s full of locals!

Kex Hostel bar: this place is just the best to chill out, have a beer with friends or work on your laptop. The design is one of the finest, it makes you feel super cosy and focused. Plus they organize events and parties!

Ice cream!

Gaeta Gelato: maaaaan this is original Italian ice cream! I tried this one and definitely reminded of the best Gelato I had in Milan, Venice and Florence. Highly recommend!

Valdís: you can find this gelateria in different places in town and, this time, it’s more the Icelandic tipe of icream. More creamy, more tasty, maybe less natural but nonetheless yummy!

Sunset spots

Perlan: this huge spherical building hosts many exhibitions and it’s one of the most beautiful architecture in town. You can go on top of it and there’s plenty of space to admire the view and enjoy a sunset beer with friends.

Art galleries & Museums

Where to find art galleries: the cool thing about Iceland is that there are art galleries almost in each town (even if there are not so many towns). And there’s an organization that keeps a website with all the locations and exhibition dates. You can find it at this link:

National Museum: here you can get more info about Icelandic history. Keep in mind… The first settlements appeared around 900 DC! So the story is short but extremely well documented. It’s gonna be similar to a Netflix TV series!

Other resources

  • Reykjavik Grapevine: This magazine lists each year the best activities and places to do and see in Reykjavik each year!
  • Culture Trip: As one of my favourite blogs when it comes to travel, I always have a look to learn about culture, curiosities and traditions, as well as places to see.
  • Couchsurfing: Don’t forget to check out the city Couchsurfing page and engage with locals! It will help you to learn unique peculiarities about the place and the culture.

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