Florence Secret City Guide

Florence is worldwide famous for being the nest of the renaissance. Architecture is stunning, so much that cases of Stendhal Syndrome had happened. However, it is pretty easy to get caught in tourists scams and routine visits. So here is a guide I personally wrote for you to experience the best of this amazing city!

Best Gelato! (Ice Cream)

1 – Perché No: very good, naturally made and not too expensive gelato! Has options for vegans too!
2 – Gelateria dei Neri: really tasty and creamy Gelato! One of the best in the city centre.
3 – Gelateria Dè Medici: You will see a huge line here, for a lot of people this is the best gelateria in town.
4 – gelateria la carraia
Amazing pizza:1 – L’antica pizzeria da Michele Firenze: go here for taste a really good pizza made in the typical Naples way.2 – Gusta Pizza – the best pizza to go to town, located close to Santo Spirito Square 3 – Da Gherardo

Amazing pizza

1 – L’antica pizzeria da Michele Firenze: go here to taste a really good pizza made in the typical Naples way.
2 – Gusta Pizza – the best pizza to go to town, located close to Santo Spirito Square
3 – Da Gherardo

Beautiful gardens & sunset spots

1 – Piazzale Michelangelo: here you have an amazing view from the top over Florence. It is just 15 min walk from ponte vecchio. Go there and catch the golden hour! 😀
2 – Giardini di Boboli: This garden is perfect for a Sunday walk. Full of statues and green it’s the perfect place for a chill walk.
3 – Fiesole: Which just a 15 mins bus ride from Florence city center, Fiesole is a pretty town on an hill with a view on all Florence. It is good for hike or for a Sunday lunch on a terrace!
4 – Terrace of “Palazzo Guadagni” Hotel: it’s a really good view from the hotel’s rooftop in Santo Spirito. You have to go after 5pm cause before it’s only for their customers.
5 -Giardino delle rose: lovely garden close to Piazzale Michelangelo. good for a pic-nic with a view.
6 – Limonaia di Villa Strozzi: amazing Villa immersed into the green of a park upon a hill! The structure itself is amazing and hosts parties, aperitivos, galleries and teather sometimes. The park is also perfect to chill, sunbathing and has a good view onto the hills behind the city.

Good coffe/wifi breaks

1- Caffè artigianale: a good place to try different kinds of coffee and surf the web with your PC. There is one near Piazza della Signoria, and one another in Santo Spirito neighbourhood.
2 – La via del tè: this is a tea house where you can taste a broad variety of different teas from all over the world! It is a really good place to be.
3 – San Tea House: another minimal place where to have some tea. Here they serve “bubble tea”
4 – Mago Merlino: another really particular tea house.
5 – La Citè: lovely design bar perfect for studying, reading or working from your laptop 🙂


1 – Club Disagio: open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It is the perfect compromise between a bar and an underground alternative club. Music is not the best but the vibe is really interesting.
2 – Ostello Tasso: this hostel turns into a club on Friday and Saturday nights. The location is amazing and the people there are really open-minded. You want to check their Facebook page before to go, as there aren’t always events happening.
3 – Club 21: good for hip hop, alternative vibe, go to “Tropical Animals” night.
4 – Full Up Club: Located in the city centre, it has a good variety of DJs! Check their Facebook page to get info about the day event.
5 – Tenax: Listed among the top 50 clubs worldwide for electronic music… Here you can experience a pretty intense night!

Cheap meals

1 – Focaccine Brondi: 3 euros for focaccia filled up with tasty and good quality ingredients! 2 – Antico Vinaio: same as up, but 5 euros for focaccia. You will not regret it as I barely can finish this one! 3 – Schiaccia il cinque: Again, same as up! This one is open until late night tho!
Restaurants:1 – Antica Bettola2 – La Mangiatoia: Cheap but good Tuscan restaurant!3 – Trattoria Sabatino: Really tasty and affordable traditional cousine, really good for a dinner with friends or for a quick but tasty tagliatelle!
4 – Caffè Degli Artigiani: tiny little but good restaurant located in a lovely small square where people use to hang out and have drinks in summer evenings.

Fancy restaurants

1 – La Giostra: really good meat and the owner is the nephew of the princess Sissi of house Habsburg.2 – Fuor D’Acqua: fanciest fish food restaurant in town. Pay attention to the bill there!

Cocktail bars with good music

1 – Gosh: this is my favourite place to hang out in the evening. Cocktails are good, and the vibe is really alternative.
2 – Il Gesto: if you want an even fancier cocktail bar go here. For 10 euros you can get liquid dreams to taste in ur mouth. It is also a restaurant.
3 – Sabor Cubano: if u want some good mojito and a cigar u can’t miss this place. Also, the music is good!
4 – MAD5 – Rasputin: this is a very small but cool bar, hidden in a side street of Santo Spirito Square. Cocktails range from 12-20 euros price, but it’s totally worth it, thanks to the vibe and the attentiveness they put in the making.
6 – Gurdulù: Fancy bar with good quality, they have a really nice garden in the backyard.
7 – Amblè: Hidden by the crowd of city centre music, this is an oasis for cocktail and DJ sets!

Must-do day-trips:

1 – San Gimignano: Amazing small town upon a hill with the typical Tuscan countryside with hills and cypresses. Just one hour from Florence! Pop on the bus and get there! 🙂
2 – Siena: another must-see destination! They have a wonderful church there! Also, you can climb up a very high staircase and have a super good view at the top.
3 – Orrido di Botri: just two hours by car this is an amazing Canyon with pristine water and stunning views! It’s highly recommended to be there if you have the chance. Bear in mind that canyoning is deadly on rainy days, so be sure to check the weather forecast! ALso you need to reserve a spot to visit this place.
4 – Bagni di San Filippo: natural hot springs in the middle of the woods. Check the pictures on google, you will organize your trip there straight away! 🙂

Useful Links

1 – https://www.atlasobscura.com/things-to-do/florence-italy/places
2 – https://www.spottedbylocals.com/florence/
3 – https://www.likealocalguide.com/florence
4 – https://www.couchsurfing.com/places/europe/italy/florence

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