Val Grande – The wild green

Last weekend I had the time and will of adventuring in one of the best trekkings here in my area. They actually newly opened a new “Via Ferrata” called “Selvaggio Verde” which translated to english is “Wild Green”. It’s definitely a reference to the harder trail in Sardigna, called “Selvaggio Blu”. In this article I will go through the trail I did and I will give you informations about how you can enjoy the same trail, with the correct safety measures.

Short description


First part – From Ponte Casletto to Ponte Velina

You can find 2 or 3 small parking spaces in this position 45.99362642620107, 8.486039655832505 it’s the closest place where you can park to Ponte Casletto. From there it’s just 1 minute walking to the beginning of the trail, which officially begins here 45.99291093935774, 8.482831655551928

On this link, you can find more information, and you can download the GPX track that I created

The first part of the trail is the less manteined one. I recommend here to be very carefull and also to carefully read this description. Basically you will see 2 signs telling you that the trail is closed. Well, it isn’t, you can actually go on, but you must be very carefull because all this part of the trail is exposed to a cliff that goes directly into the river. You don’t wanna sleep because you will definitely risk your life.

This first part of the trail ends up here –> 46.001225627954554, 8.457594348976626

Second part – From Ponte Velina to Orfalecchio

The second part is the one that has been recently refurbished, with new chains, new bridges and is actually called “Ferrata selvaggio verde” if you don’t know what a ferrata is, you can chek it here –>
However, it’s a really simple ferrata. I did without safety equipment. The most dangerous parts are the one without safety line. Because you can still slip and fall. That’s why it’s super important to bring your best equipment.

Recommended equipment

  • Good trekking boots to prevent you from slipping
  • Long trousers to avoid ticks

Technical data

  • Difficulty: EEA-D
  • Access altitude Alpe In La Piana: 895 m
  • Access altitude Ponte Velina: 478 m
  • Distance: 11 km
  • Elevation gain: 417 m
  • Average walking time: 2.5 km/h
  • Predominant exposure: east
  • Type of trail: gorge path
  • Approach time from Valle Loana to Alpe In La Piana: 4 hours and 00 minutes
  • Approach time from Ruspesso to Ponte Velina: 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Return time from Alpe In La Piana to Valle Loana: 4 hours and 15 minutes
  • Return time from Ponte Velina to Ruspesso: 2 hours and 05 minutes
  • Recommended period: May-September

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